Windows Scrappage Scheme

Hot HouseSave up to £2000 off the price of new energy-efficient windows, by scrapping your old ones

A new nationwide scheme aimed at cutting carbon emmissions and reducing carbon footprints, has been announced. You can now claim up to £2000 back for your old windows if you scrap them and buy new energy efficient windows.

At FMS Windows, we are all for saving the environment and also passing on any savings directly to you, the customer. Therefore, if you should have all your old windows replaced for new energy efficient UPVC windows, we will discount your price by up to £2000. Of course, there is another added benefit. By installing new efficient windows, you can save up to £280 per year on heating bills!

To register your interest in this new Nationwide Scheme, please fill out the details below or call us on 01782 837 839 and we will contact you promptly